Tutorial Kalendarza 13. Księżyców (English)

13 Moon Calendar Tutorial

The coming new era on our planet has everything to do with a change of timing frequency. The 13 Moon-28-day calendar is a simple tool that helps us to raise our frequency and gives us a new lens to view both our day-to-day and planetary events.

Because both the Gregorian and 13 Moon calendars operate with 52 seven-day weeks annually (364 days), the 13 Moon calendar provides a perfect daily transition tool for hooking back up with the higher-dimensional order! It is simple to follow day-to-day as it is marked with the dates of the Gregorian calendar.


This is the seven-day week, every week in the 13 Moon calendar is exactly the same,
a cycle of 7 days, which is also called a heptad.

Each moon (or month) on the 13 Moon calendar contains exactly four seven-day weeks or heptads. 7 x 4 = 28.

Each of the four weeks has a unique power:
Week 1: (Red) Knowledge Initiates View
Week 2: (White) Humility Refines Meditation
Week 3: (Blue) Patience Transforms Conduct
Week 4: (Yellow) Power Ripens Fruit


At the top what you see are the new names and symbols for the days of the week (Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi and Silio) – you’ll learn more about this below. For now this graphic is simply to illustrate to you that this structure of 28 days, and four perfect 7-day weeks is exactly the same for all 13 moons of the 13 Moon calendar.

The 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd days of the moon will ALWAYS be „Dali” days.
The 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd days of the moon will ALWAYS be „Seli” days.
and so on…
So when you repeat this 13 times you get all 13 Moons of the 13 Moon calendar:


13 Moons x 28 days = 364 days = 52 seven-day weeks. The 365th day of the year is called the Day Out of Time, a day to celebrate peace through culture, time is art and practice universal forgiveness so that everyone can start the next year fresh!

In the graphic above, the small numbers at the bottom of each square are the 12 Month/Gregorian calendar dates. For example, find the very first day of the 13 Moon calendar – do you see below where it says „7-26” – this is the Gregorian date July 26! Every day on the 13 Moon calendar includes the Gregorian date – this is so we don’t get lost in this time of transition.

Now find your birthday on the 13 Moon calendar. For example, if your birthday is October 13, look for the day on the calendar that is marked „10-13”. Note that October 13 is the 24th day of the Electric Moon. Electric Moon is the third moon of the 13 moons. You can write this date as 3.24.

Now find today’s date on the 13 Moon calendar. Note the moon and day of the moon it falls on.

This is all you need to know to begin following this basic 13 Moon Cycle! No need to memorize obscure rhymes like „30 days hath September,…” because every moon is exactly 28 days – the first day of the moon is always the first day of the week, the last day of the moon is always the last day of the week!

This consistent regularity is what makes the 13 Moon calendar a harmonic timespace matrix. This is just the tip of the iceberg of fourth-dimensional time…

Congratulations! You’ve now learned how to keep time within a harmonic matrix!

13 Moon Calendar – Every day is a Galactic Gateway

So you’ve seen the tip of the iceberg now. The 28-day cycle makes calculating the year extremely easy. You always know that, for example, five moons from now it will be the same day of the moon, and the same day of the week. You can see that if you were to calculate something far into the future it would still be the same calendar year. What’s more, this calendar, as a harmonic matrix, is a perfect reflection of higher-dimensional time.

Now you’re ready to learn about the 260 Galactic Gateways of the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin.


This is the Harmonic Module, called Tzolkin by the Maya which means „sacred count”. This is a perfect 13:20 matrix (13 x 20 = 260). If you’ve already learned about the Law of Time then you know that this is the perfect cycle of the 13:20 frequency of synchronization.

The Tzolkin is read from top to bottom, left to right. Start in the upper left-hand corner and count downward until you reach 20, then 21 will be at the top of the next column, and so on.

Each day is a combination of one of 20 symbols (Solar Seals) and 13 numbers (Galactic Tones). This makes a total of 260 (20 x 13) combinations of seals and tones.

For example, here are the first five units on the Tzolkin:

kin001kin002 kin003 kin004 kin005

You’ll learn more about the 13 Galactic Tones and 20 Solar Seals in the next section

The 260-day cycle is the rough measure of the human gestation period, and is also a perfect fractal of the galactic 26,000-year cycle which we will be completing on December 21, 2012, which is why it is also called the Galactic Spin.

This 260-day cycle proceeds daily, every day for every 13 Moon calendar year. In combination with the 364 + 1 days of the 13 Moon calendar, a vast permutation matrix is established. This creates a 52-year cycle – 18,980 days (= 260 x 365) – where no two days are the same, so that you have an ever changing pattern of moving symbols for every day!

In the next section of this tutorial we’ll show you a complete sample moon of the 13 Moon calendar so you can see how all of the pieces fit together.

Putting it all Together – Welcome to a New Time!

What you see here is one Moon/month of the 13 Moon calendar:


There are a lot of new symbols and signs here, but it’s simple to follow. Once you’ve learned the codes for these signs and symbols, just follow them day-by-day.

Let’s take it one step at a time …

In the 13 Moon Calendar the seven days
of the week are the Seven Radial Plasmas


The images above are the names and seven seals for the Seven Radial plasmas: electrical fluids that are the primary building blocks of creation (even before quarks!). These plasmas stream out from the center of the galaxy – they also are absorbed into and radiated out from the seven chakras. These plasmas are the basis of a new telepathic technology, by which we can even create the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth …


Each of the Seven Radial Plasmas has its own unique power: 

  • Dali – thermic force (target)
  • Plasma 2 - Seli"I attain the power of peace"Seli – luminic force (flow)
  • Plasma 3 - GammaGamma – luminic-thermic force (pacify)
  • Plasma 4 - KaliKali – catalytic agent (establish)
  • Plasma 5 - AlphaAlpha – double-extended electron (release)
  • Plasma 6 - LimiLimi – mental electron (purify)
  • Plasma 7 - SilioSilio – mental electron neutron (discharge)

So in the 13 Moon calendar every day of the week corresponds to one of these Radial Plasmas which then corresponds to one of your chakras! Each day you can visualize the Plasma Seal in the chakra and repeat the affirmations, listed below.

  • Plasma 1 - DaliDali – „My father is intrinsic awareness. I feel the heat.”
  • Plasma 2 - SeliSeli – „My mother is the ultimate sphere. I see the light”
  • Plasma 3 - GammaGamma – „My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere. I attain the power of peace.
  • Plasma 4 - KaliKali – „My name is the glorious lotus born. I catalyze the light-heat within.”
  • Plasma 5 - AlphaAlpha – „My country is the unborn ultimate sphere. I release the double extended electron at the south pole.”
  • Plasma 6 - LimiLimi – „I consume dualistic thoughts as food. I purify the mental electron at the north pole.”
  • Plasma 7 - SilioSilio – „My role is to accomplish the actions of the Buddha. I discharge the mental electron neutron at the center of the earth”

More information on the science of the Radial Plasmas is contained in the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation kit, as well as its free companion guide.

13 Moon Date


On the 13 Moon calendar, the big numbers 1 through 28 are the day of the Moon/month. Every moon in the 13 Moon calendar has exactly 4 seven-day weeks which is 28 days! This makes it very simple to plan ahead into the future. The 28-day cycle is actually a Matrix of 28 – also called Galactic Standard Time, a reflection of the higher-dimensional order.

The 13 Moon calendar is a tool for harmonizing with the higher-dimensional order. The highest use of what we call „calendar” is actually to be a measure of synchronicity – this is why we call the 13 Moon calendar a 13 Moon Synchronometer!

For more information on Galactic Standard Time see Rinri Newsletter „Remembering the Sacred Way – Galactic Standard Time (GST): The Root Meaning of the Thirteen Moon/28-day Calendar”

Gregorian Date


Did you know the calendar that we all know („30 days hath September, etc. etc.”) is called the Gregorian Calendar? This is because it is the calendar established by Pope Gregory XIII of the Vatican.

These dates are included on every 13 Moon calendar so that you don’t get „lost in time” – We are all in middle time, that is, when you’re setting your appointments you can’t tell your doctor: „Fine. I’ll be there on Galactic Moon Limi 13” – At least not yet you can’t. So while the 12 Month calendar is still in use, these dates are included so you can stay on track with the world at large.

While we’re on the subject, let’s cover some of the origins of this Gregorian calendar.

This calendar is actually the one that started us using the word „calendar” for date-keeping devices. The word „calendar” comes from the root word „calends”, which means account book! This is because the primary use of this calendar for the common man was to know the dates to pay taxes. In fact this calendar was imposed upon the disposessed indigenous people of the „New World” under the Doctrine of Discovery of 1582…

After learning about the Radial Plasmas and Matrix of 28 you can see how magical a synchronometer can be – this is in stark contrast to saying „Today is Friday, October 2nd”.

Visit our Free Downloads section for a free perpetual 13 Moon Wavespell Calendar.

To learn more about the origins of the 12 Month calendar, read „Stopping Time and Getting on With the Second Creation” by José Argüelles/Valum Votan

The 20 Solar Seals and 13 Galactic Tones,
when combined, make the Galactic Signature of every day!


Every day there is a Solar Seal and a Galactic Tone, this combination is called the Galactic Signature or Galactic Gateway of the day! This gives you something very interesting to meditate upon in the morning when you check your calendar synchronometer!

The 20 Solar Seals and 13 Galactic Tones describe processes of cosmic creation. You can practice drawing these archetypal symbols, they are inspiring and activating on many levels. They are described in the Cosmic History Chronicles as follows:

„The galactic tones can be thought of as radio-pulses that are akin to the pulsations of radio waves from the dense core of the pulsar or quasar. The solar seals represent the cycle of frequency-range possibilities for transformation or evolution that each of these radio-pulses may undergo.”

The 13 Galactic Tones

Number Name Essence Power Action
1 Magnetic Purpose Unify Attract
2 Lunar Challenge Polarize Stabilize
3 Electric Service Activate Bond
4 Self-existing Form Define Measure
5 Overtone Radiance Empower Command
6 Rhythmic Equality Organize Balance
7 Resonant Attunement Channel Inspire
8 Galactic Integrity Harmonize Model
9 Solar Intention Pulse Realize
10 Planetary Manifestation Perfect Produce
11 Spectral Liberation Dissolve Release
12 Crystal Cooperation Dedicate Universalize
13 Cosmic Presence Endure Transcend

The 20 Solar Seals

Seal Name Power Action Essence
Red Dragon Dragon Birth Nurtures Being
White Wind Wind Spirit Communicates Breath
Blue Night Night Abundance Dreams Intuition
Yellow Seed Seed Flowering Targets Awareness
Red Serpent Serpent Life Force Survives Instinct
White Worldbridger Worldbridger Death Equalizes Opportunity
Blue Hand Hand Accomplishment Knows Healing
Yellow Star Star Elegance Beautifies Art
Red Moon Moon Universal Water Purifies Flow
White Dog Dog Heart Loves Loyalty
Blue Monkey Monkey Magic Plays Illusion
Yellow Human Human Free Will Influences Wisdom
Red Skywalker Skywalker Space Explores Wakefulness
White Wizard Wizard Timelessness Enchants Receptivity
Blue Eagle Eagle Vision Creates Mind
Yellow Warrior Warrior Intelligence Questions Fearlessness
Red Earth Earth Navigation Evolves Synchronicity
White Mirror Mirror Endlessness Reflects Order
Blue Storm Storm Self-generation Catalyzes Energy
Yellow Sun Sun Universal Fire Enlightens Life

The galactic gateway is always read „Color, Tone, Seal”. For example, a Red Dragon day, with the Magnetic tone is read: „Red Magnetic Dragon„. The keywords for Red Dragon are: nurture, birth, being– The key words for the Magnetic tone are: unify, attract, purpose.

Now let’s try today’s galactic gateway. Today is Red Galactic Skywalker – Now study the key words for the Red Skywalker seal and Galactic tone…

Pretty fascinating isn’t it?

There is no comparison between this experience and saying: „Today is Sunday, January 06, 2019 .”

Lunar Phases

28-day Moon highlighting location of Lunar Phase symbols

Last but not least – the Lunar Phases – a great third-dimensional presentation of the harmonic cycles of time. The 28-day cycle which is the base of the 13 Moon calendar is both Galactic Standard Time, and the mean lunar cycle: the average between the moon’s synodic cycle of 29.5 days and the sidereal cycle of just over 27 days.

The synodic cycle is the cycle of the moon’s phases (new moon, full moon, waning, etc.)

The sidereal cycle is the measure taken from where the moon appears at the same place in the sky.

Look at how the lunar phases are shown in your Gregorian calendar, and compare it with how they appear in the 13 Moon calendar – you will notice that the harmonic regularity of the lunar phases is much more apparent on the 13 Moon calendar’s Matrix of 28.

A New Moon rises with the Sun
Her waxing half at midday shows
The Full Moon climbs at sunset hour
And waning half the midnight knows

The Fifth Force Oracle

So now that you’ve learned how to follow the 13 Moon Calendar day-by-day, let’s go a bit further down this galactic rabbit hole!

Within the daily galactic signature (also called galactic gateway) is also the Fifth Force Oracle. One metaphor to describe the fifth force oracle is that if the galactic signature is the fourth-dimensional flower bud, then the Fifth Force Oracle is the shimmering flower blossom.

What is the Fifth Force?

Contemporary science describes four major forces in the universe: strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. The Fifth Force, then, is the one that binds them all together, it is the synchronic G-Force, sometimes called the ether, or akasha. It is the force which synchronizes the universe!

Every galactic gateway as you know has a solar seal and galactic tone, but also packed inside is the dense synchronic power of the G-Force – it is the purpose of the Fifth Force Oracle to tap into this deeper cyclical pattern and to amp up the level of meaning that can be gleaned from each galactic gateway, and more!

If the Fifth Force Oracle is our blossomed fourth-dimensional flower, then the Oracle Board is the flower garden of galactic g-force! The complete Oracle Board (shown above) consists of four leaves plus a central „matrix” core – these leaves contain the basic fifth force oracle for four of the twenty solar seals. Study the image above and become familiar with its parts.

Four Leaves plus the Central Matrix

  • The Oracle Board is read East (red), North (white), West (blue), South (yellow), Center (green).
  • Beginning with the East (right-hand Red leaf) find the fifth force oracle with the Red Dragon Solar Seal in the center, this is the Red Dragon Oracle. This is the beginning. Now find the White Wind Oracle; next is the Blue Night Oracle; then the Yellow Seed Oracle. After the Yellow Seed Oracle you move to the White Northern (top) leaf to find the Red Serpent Oracle; continue following the sequence through all twenty oracles.
  • The pattern always follows the four-part harmonic: Red, White, Blue, Yellow – once you’ve reached the end of the fourth Yellow Southern leaf you enter the Green Central Matrix region, which contains the oracles for the Red Earth, White Mirror, Blue Storm and Yellow Sun.

The Oracles

The graphic below is the key to understanding the oracles as seen in the Oracle Board graphic above.

destiny oracle guide

Every solar seal has:
1. An analog kin or support power;
2. An antipode kin or challenge/strengthening power;
3. An occult kin or hidden unexpected power;

These three are all constants for each solar seal, as shown in the Oracle Board graphic above.The blank spot at the top of each oracle layout represents the fifth force outcome, called the

4. guide kin or higher-self power, which is always the same color as the Solar Seal in the center.

The Destiny Oracle key graphic above shows you how to calculate the Guide for any given galactic signature (galactic gateway). To summarize:

For galactic gateways
with tones:
Then the Guide Kin is:
1, 6 or 11: the same solar seal as destiny kin seal
2, 7 or 12: 12 seals ahead (or 8 seals back) of destiny seal
3, 8 or 13: 4 seals ahead (or 16 seals back) of destiny seal
4 or 9: 4 seals back (or 16 seals ahead) of destiny seal
5 or 10: 8 seals ahead (or 12 seals back) of destiny seal

For example:

Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon has tone number 1 (Magnetic) so Red Magnetic Dragon is guided by its own power doubled.

Kin 2, White Lunar Wind has tone number 2 (Lunar). For tone 2 the guide is 12 seals ahead, so White Lunar Wind is guided by White Lunar Wizard.

Study the patterns of the oracle board and become familiar with the method of calculating the guide, and you can cast the Fifth Force Oracle for every day.

The fifth force oracle is a fascinating meditation. For example, note that the Wind and the Storm are occult/hidden powers of each other; that the Warrior (whose power is fearlessness) and Worldbridger (whose power is death) are antipode/challenge partners. Contemplate the relations between all the Solar Seals and see what you can find in their codes …

Your own fifth force oracle can reveal many levels of synchronically-charged meaning. Meditate on the patterns and feel the g-force lights come on!

The Fifth Force Oracle and NET Time

A further application of the Fifth Force Oracle is that it divides the daily cycle into four sub-cycles, called watches. This is called NET Time – Noospheric Earth Time.

In NET Time, for each daily kin, you utilize the fifth force oracle to find out what the four watches of the day are.

First Watch: Midnight to Dawn (Analog kin)
Second Watch: Dawn to Noon (Guide kin)
Third Watch: Noon to Dusk (Antipode kin)
Fourth Watch: Dusk to Midnight (Occult kin)
NET Time

By following the pattern of NET Time each day becomes a mandala of synchronicity. Follow the shifting watches of the NET Time Fifth Force Oracle for deeper insight to the flow of your day-to-day reality!

We hope this Tutorial has helped you to begin using the 13 Moon calendar on a daily basis and so entering a whole new experience of Time! You can request a 13 Moon Pocket calendar here which is also available as a free download.

This tutorial will be coninuously updated to describe the more advanced or deeper levels of the 13 Moon calendar … in the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.



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